Gmo Research Paper

Topics: Genetically modified food, Genetic engineering, Food industry Pages: 5 (1726 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Genetically Modified Foods
Someone out there has probably wondered why their tomatoes which they bought at a supermarket, taste different than the tomatoes at a farmers market. Well to answer that curious person, the tomatoes from the supermarket are most likely Genetically Modified. Genetically Modified foods (GM foods) are organisms in which genetic material (DNA) have been altered in a way that is not natural. Basically they are inserting genes of another species into their DNA, the process is known as biotechnology. 45 percent of corn and 85 percent of soybean are genetically modified. Fulton states that “some 70-90 percent of processed food is genetically modified and has been that way for years” (“Politics Heating Up Over…”). The first GM plant was produced in 1983, an antibiotic resistant tobacco. In 1990 the first GM cotton was produced, from then on scientists and farms have tied to make everything genetically modified. It is important for people to understand what they are eating and how it was made.

In the Agricultural Industry, GM foods are one of the biggest debates. There are so many reasons as to why GM foods are very controversial. Not only do they bring upon us many pro’s and con’s and are a well talked about topic in politics. The biggest issue is not whether or not we should genetically modified foods but rather if we should label it. In the United States, it is not a law that one must state if their food product is genetically modified or not. It should be labeled for many reasons but lots of people find ways not to label GM foods. In today’s paper the matter of whether GM foods should be labeled or not will be discussed as well as, mandatory and voluntary labeling, the government’s policies and many more information.

There are many pros and cons for GM foods, which is why there is a debate whether people should have the choice to eat them or not. Some of the negative portions of genetically modified foods like how harmful they could possibly be for the body. Some scientists think that it can cause maybe cause the development of diseases like cancer. This biotechnology have not been around for a long time so the long term condition of eating these foods is still unknown. Quite a few people refuse to eat GM foods because they do not like the idea of scientist transferring animal genes into plants or fruits; could also be their religious views. Biggest negative would how manufactures and the FDA do not want to label their genetically foods because, they think it will hurt their business. They would rather get their money and have power than give people a chance to eat what they want. “Over 450 scientist from around the world have signed an open letter that cites cancer, damage to the immune system and the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria possible consequences of GE foods”(Kaplan “playing genetic”).

A few positives for genetically modified food are: people who are usually allergic some types of food can eat those certain food if they are GM foods. The reason for this is because, the scientist actually modify the DNA system so that the allergic gene in the food is gone. GM corps actually grows faster than traditional corps. Certain foods can only be grown during certain seasons and certain places but with genetically modified foods one is able to grow those same foods all year round, wherever they please to grow them. GM foods are naturally resistant towards pest and insects. The farm will not need to spray the corps with pest resistant spray because the GM crop would already be naturally resistant towards them. In the long run the GM corps would come out cheaper because of the fact that they are pest resistant. It is well known that genetically modified foods taste better than traditional foods. GM foods also have more shelf life, meaning they live longer or take more time to begin to rot. ”The nutrition and safety of each product is evaluated at many stages before it reaches the consumer....
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