Gmg Airlines Objective, Human Resourses Management, Recruitment Policy

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GMG Airlines is a largest private airline of Bangladesh with its head office in the AAA Tower in Nikunjo-2 Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is Bangladesh's largest and oldest private airlinecitation needed operating domestic, regional, and international services, upholding the image of Bangladesh to the world. Its main bases are Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka, and Shah Amanat International Airport, Chittagong. On 17 June 2009, Beximco Group bought a stake in GMG Airlines and has injected cash in the airline.

* Sources of THE REPORT

This is an assigned project of the course “Human Resource Management” on “PRACTICES OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT IN GMG Airlines Ltd.: RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION, TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT” the aim of which is to enable us to learn about an HR activity, in practice and to use our HR knowledge to offer some evaluation of this activity.

This study provides us with valuable practical knowledge about HR practices about GMG Airlines Ltd in respect to Bangladesh scenario.

* Major objectives

This report is prepared with the purpose of getting an overview of some major sectors of the Human Resource Management practices of GMG AIRLINES Ltd. our major objectives are: * To know how a company manages its recruitment & selection process. * To know how a company manages its training & development process. * To get an idea about the company’s current trends about HR practices. * Scope

As we have chosen an Airlines Company, therefore, the focus of the report is mainly on specified HR functions undertaken by the organization i.e. recruitment and selection, training and development. We tried to focus on knowledge about the present & practical HRM scenario of GMG Airlines Ltd.

* Limitation

As part of our report preparation we discussed about the various HR practices with personnel department of GMG AIRLINES LTD. Some confidential information such as sample of written test questions pays structure, safety & healthy was not disclosed to us.

* Historical Background and Significance

GMG has started its operation since 1998 and are trying to provide their services with care .The purpose of this study about HR practices of GMG AIRLINES LTD. to get a clear picture about how a local organization performs different human resource management activities. For a long while, HR has been neglected in most of the organization of this country. But now-a- days, organizations are getting concerned about the human aspect of the organization as they are the only means that can give them competitive advantage.

* Sources and Methods of Collecting Information

Interviewing the Personnel Manager of GMG AIRLINES LTD we collected primary information. The questions that we asked to the higher-level authority were open ended. We have collected other information mostly from the secondary sources, like the brochure they provide and from their website. * Report Preview

We have continued our discussion starting with a brief introduction about the company background and history. Then subsequently recruitment and selection process, training and development activities of GMG AIRLINES LTD. Will be discussed gradually. A topic on disciplinary measures is also covered and then the whole report proper is summarized.


GMG Airlines Ltd. - a part of the well-established & reputed GMG Group. It is also one of the leading Private Domestic Airlines in Bangladesh and has become a household name within 3 years of its operations.

On 6th of April 1998 GMG...
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