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Project Outline
GM 591-Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Dr. S. Lopez

GM 591: Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Project Outline

A history of wal-mart and problems the media has brought to the public’s attention will be given. I will go over how the company started and the ideals it values. I will give a brief synopsis of the problems wal-mart faces. Problem Statement –

How can Wal-mart better their employee relations? I will go over law suits that Wal-mart has faced in the past and common issues within the company with employee relations. I will review how Wal-mart handle the situations and how it has affected its name with the consumers. I plan on reviewing what Wal-mart did right and what they could have done better. I also will look at their competitors and see how they handle their employees. Solutions –

I will look to see if any solutions exist for Wal-mart in other to avoid any more law suits. I will also look to see what the experts are saying about the Wal-mart cases especially the media outlets. Reflection-

Literature review- A breakdown of all the material analyzed on Wal-mart •Analysis- A breakdown of the problems within the company and how they are dealing with them Conclusion-
Solutions- Some communication that the company could use to either rectify or eliminate communication problems between employees and management. My opinion for the best solution will also be given. •Reflection- Reflecting on this company’s situation, communication with lower level employees would show them that they are valuable assets to the company.
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