Gm591 Lsi Paper

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  • Published : June 11, 2012
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LSI Paper

GM591: Leadership and Organizational Behavior

My primary thinking style is the Affiliative style. The Affiliative style is manifested in my work and personal life because I tend to value relationships. If I feel I am not forming interpersonal relationships at work with my coworkers then I do not feel very connected to my job. It makes me feel out of place and lost. In my personal life, I tend to feel the same way when I’m not participating in interpersonal contact. Moving to California was a real challenge for me because I did not know anyone when I moved here except for one friend. All my family also lives on the east coast which also made my first few months here difficult. I felt very lost and unconnected to California during the first few months after my arrival. Once I started to form personal relationships with people, I started to feel more centered. My secondary thinking style is the Self-Actualizing Style. This style is manifested in both my professional and personal lives. In my professional life, I continually strive to grow and always look for new ways to challenge myself. An example of this is that I am currently attending Graduate school yet still plan on trying to get several certificates to help compliment my education. At work, I always try to find the most efficient way to complete my job duties and tend to get annoyed when I feel I am not doing something productive. I know myself very well and take pride in that. I know what I can handle at work and in my personal life and I know what I can’t. I hardly ever commit to something I feel I can’t do. In my personal life, I value knowing myself and have a very good handle on my self-worth. My limiting style is the Perfectionistic style. I feel the perfectionistic style is limiting because I tend to me my own worst enemy. I hold myself and my work up to such a high standard that sometimes it becomes counter-productive. I am currently working on a document for work in which I need to...
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