Gm Food Research Paper

Topics: Genetically modified food, Genetically modified organism, DNA Pages: 4 (1355 words) Published: April 30, 2011
Are Genetically Modified Food Harmful to Human Health?
Genetically Modified food is a technology that changes the genetic information of living organisms to make them more useful to human. This new technology was created through the combination of different genes from different living organisms. Genetically Modified food could be utilized in medicines, vaccines, foods, and other food ingredients (Genetically Modified Foods and Organisms). However, the most significant advantage of GM (Genetically Modified) food is that they contain adequate amounts of all necessary nutrients, which can prevent malnutrition. They could be modified to enhance desired traits such as pest resistance. The benefit of pest-resisting plant is one of the most prevalent reasons that GM foods are so popular among farmers around the world. Not only can they withstand pests, GM crops are capable of preventing diseases and surviving herbicides. These features of GM foods will help the world reduce the use of pesticide and other chemicals (Whitman). Despite the various benefits, people are starting to question the safety of GM foods for humans. Mutations in food genes can occur during the process of modifying food genetically; moreover, GM foods were proved to create allergies and contain unknown threats inside foods. While genetically modified food can reduce the use of pesticide and other chemicals in food, it is still harmful to human because it can provoke mutations inside food genes and create allergies and unknown health threats to human. The positive effects of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) are known to the world in many ways. A positive effect of GMO is that it can reduce the use of pesticides and other chemicals. GMO can do this because the food gene is designed to resist against pests, insects, herbicide, and other organisms that invade plants. Scientists have selected genes from other organisms that have protection against pests or herbicide, and insert them...
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