Gm Business Plan

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General Motors Business Strategy

Matthew Norton

Background General Motors Corporation has been in business for 100 years, has produced nearly 450 million vehicles globally, and operates in virtually every country in the world. While GM has recently enjoyed rapidly growing sales and revenues outside the United States, the U.S. remains the company‘s largest single market. The auto industry today remains one of America's top employers with 1 in 10 Americans working in the industry. GM is also one of the largest purchasers of U.S. steel, aluminum, iron, copper, plastics, rubber, and electronic and computer chips. U.S. auto sales across all manufacturers, foreign and domestic have declined by more than 30% which is the steepest decline in 50 years. These major economic shifts demand a fundamental change in the way we do business at General Motors.

Vision Recent economic conditions have reminded us at GM that the status quo is no longer enough to remain America's top automobile brand. This recent crisis has forced us to look into the future of the auto industry and contemplate what place General Motor's will have in this rapidly evolving automobile market. Our vision is a streamlined brand that represents quality and fuel efficiency through innovative design with the utmost respect for quality. GM must appeal to the modern day environmentally friendly and economical American citizen in order to regain the trust and confidence we once enjoyed. Through the rebuilding and strengthening of our core business then we can successfully expand not only domestically but multi nationally, then we can share our vision of the new and improved General Motors not only with America but throughout the world. Strategy Brand Re-Structuring

Over the next five years GM will be focusing on restructuring of our brand while focusing on our core business. Chevrolet, Cadillac and Buick will remain at the core of our business. Other brands such as Saab, Saturn and Hummer will...
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