Glyndwr Bank Case Study

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The Glyndwr Bank Case Study
Local bank called Glyndwr Bank, which is located in North Wales. Due to the recent political changes associated with banking sector Glyndwr Bank has been asked to re-assess its existing system with a view to developing a new Information Management System for the efficient running of the Bank. Directors of the company have no confidence in the running of the current IT System since it is unreliable and utilizes old technology and so needs to be upgraded. Project

Since the CEO has just appointed a new Finance Director she has decided to invite Management Consultants to assist the users and IT department in the bank to review the current system with a view to upgrading and replacing it. She has been instructed by the board that •every option should be explored

the system must be reliable
meet the requirements of a modern 21st century Bank
all areas of the operation should be catered for
the system must be capable of lasting for at least 5years •the capital budget with full justification for this project has to be sanctioned by the board before work commences •Only a minimum of money will be available in subsequent years to this end any savings in the present system should be identified •The new system should be useable within 12 months of the start date Guidance:

Essential that only appropriate information is passed to the team. •Retail Manager
Investment Manager
IT Manager

Team Work
Develop, present and defend an IT project plan based on the Glyndwr Bank. You may make assumptions about the information you are given, but these must be clearly justified and documented.
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