Glycerol: a Natural Sugar Substitute

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  • Published : May 11, 2012
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Glycerol: A Natural Sugar Substitute

Abdullah Anjum
Mrs. MacLeod
March 30, 2012
A Brief Introduction of Glycerol
Glycerol,-1,2,3 propanetriol (Refer to Appendix A – Figure 1) , a simple alcohol that has many uses such
as “cosmetics, paint, automotive, food, tobacco pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, leather and textile industries or as a feedstock for the production of various chemicals (“Glycerol production by microbial fermentation: A review”). ”

Glycerol has two other common names that are known as glycerin or glycerine. Production and Manufacturing
There are many ways to extract glycerol naturally and synthetically. The most common extraction is

done from yeast because of its extensive production of glycerol. (1) Glycerol can be extracted between

acetaldehyde and bisulfate ions which slow the production and restore the “redox balance through

glycerol synthesis (“Glycerol production by microbial fermentation: A review”).” (2) Cultivating yeast at a

pH of rear 7 or higher or utilizing osmotolerant yeasts. Research has suggested considerable

improvements have occurred in the process of extracting glycerol by the use of osmotolerant yeast. This

produces “130g/L glycerol with yields up to 63% and the productivities up to 32 g/(L day) (“Glycerol

production by microbial fermentation: A review”).” Glycerol yields around 30g/L per day and also 110-

120 g/L which would be “in an optimized aerobic fermentation process (“Glycerol production by

microbial fermentation: A review”)” that has been collected at a commercial scale. (3) Glycerol can also

be extracted though a method called carrier distillation “with glycerol distillation efficiency greater than

90% has been developed (“Glycerol production by microbial fermentation: A review”).”

Common Foods Containing Glycerol
Since glycerol has a sweet property and is not a sugar, it is used in foods as a substitute for those who cannot consume sugar for...
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