Glow in the Dark Cat

Topics: Genetics, DNA, Gene Pages: 3 (949 words) Published: April 18, 2008
"A research team at Gyeongsang National University, headed by Kong Il-Keun, took skin cells from a Turkish Angora female cat and used a virus to insert the genetic instructions for making red fluorescent protein. Then they put the gene-altered nuclei into eggs for cloning. The cloned embryos were implanted back into the donor cat, which effectively became the surrogate mother for their own clones,” says ( Along with cats, they have successfully administered the same glow in the dark experimented to mice, pigs, and goldfish to test the versatility of the ultraviolet marker. The success of the experiment shows that this ultraviolet marker will not only be able to track certain illnesses, otherwise killing silently, but hopefully one day be able to slow the extinction of certain wild species. The reason being is that the genetic variation of cats, mice, pigs and such have common traits, the ultraviolet maker used works best to reveal and track these traits. Therefore the possibilities of slowing the extinction of the certain species have the same or close to the same genetic traits. The glow in the dark cat is a stepping stone in modern science and medicine, opening new doors for research of human illnesses and should not be considered a concrete movement in research for there is not enough study to be proven. Some speculate that this is cruel and is a danger to any animal. The research shows that none of the animals have been harmed because of the fluorescent protein. The glow in the dark cat is merely a side affect to a marker protein used to trace a gene of interest. That side affect which has not shown any long-term harm to the cats. According to the (Korean Times), “originally four kittens were born via caesarian section, only three of them survived after an hour of birth.” Because one of the kittens died during birth many claim that the cloned and gene altered kittens are now an issue of animal cruelty. However, the kitten that did not make...
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