Glossary of New Media Terms

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Glossary of New Media Terms

·     Analytics- data and software used to report performance

·     App- software that is used for business or entertainment. "application", "application program" and "software application" refer to virtually any type of program from spreadsheets such as Excel to media players such as iTunes to virtual reality games such as Second Life. However, the term specifically excludes essential control software such as the operating system

·     Blog- type of webpage/site of a more personal nature, generally follow a chronological narrative. As posts appear in chronological order, most recent at top pushes earlier content down so not evergreen content

·     CAN-SPAM Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act of 2003- governs what/how email can be broadcast to consumers

·     CMS- Content Management System-warehouse (back-end) and display (front-end) content for use online- typically include a customizable outline/template for display

·     Cookie- message sent from a website, stored on a user’s computer as a file, accessed by the website on subsequent visits.

·     Flash (by Adobe previously called Macromedia Flash) is a multimedia platform created by Macromedia and currently developed and distributed by Adobe Systems. Since its introduction in 1996, Flash has become a popular method for adding animation and interactivity to web pages; Flash is commonly used to create animation, advertisements, and various web page components, to integrate video into web pages, and more recently, to develop rich Internet applications.

·     Flash Drive- a small self-powered drive that connects to a computer directly through a USB port.

·     HTML- Hyper Text Markup Language- the basic language used to display text and images on a website

·     IAB Standards- The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is comprised of more than 400 leading media and technology companies who are responsible for selling 86% of online advertising in the United States. Working with its member companies, the IAB evaluates and recommends standards and practices and fields critical research on interactive advertising. The most common standards you are likely to hear reference to are ad unit guidelines (dimensions, file sizes, etc.)

·     Java -An object-oriented programming language that is platform independent (the same Java program runs on all hardware platforms without modification).

·     Java vs. JavaScript- Java is a full-blown programming language, whereas JavaScript is a scripting language that is much more limited in scope. JavaScript source code is not compiled into bytecode. It is embedded within an HTML page and is primarily used to manipulate elements on the page itself. For example, JavaScript is widely used to provide drop-down menus and other interactive events on the page.

·     Mobile App- a software application that runs in a smartphone or other portable device

·     Operating systems- Operating systems perform basic tasks, such as recognizing input from the keyboard, sending output to the display screen, keeping track of files and directories on the disk, and controlling peripheral devices such as disk drives and printers. provide a software platform on top of which other programs, called application programs, can run. The application programs must be written to run on top of a particular operating system. Your choice of operating system, therefore, determines to a great extent the applications you can run.

·     RSS- Really Simple Syndication- technology which allows content to auto-send to user- distribution formats used to pass data to users outside of website itself. Final slide of this presentation goes more in-depth. Users choose how it displays-determine which RSS reader program they want to use. RSS parses the feed out in a way friendly to the chosen reader tool. Final slide of this presentation goes more in-depth from a user FAQ standpoint....
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