Glory War

Topics: Black people, White people, Slavery Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Glory Essay
The 54th regiment had barely any experience in the war because they were either known as runaway slaves or free black men. They didn't exactly have the right to fight in the war. The Union was known to defeat and had to come up with something to win the war, and so they made an army consisting of only black men. All of this was not only new to them, but to everyone else and the black men who volunteered to fight. Compared to the white soldiers, the blacks were still able to act normal even after all the difficult times they've had to go through. Fighting alongside with the white army, the white army was by far more experienced due to most of them fighting more than once during the civil war. The white soilders were also treated more respectively and honored more than the black soldiers. Other then being treated more better, or having better experience, they also had better pay. All this can conclude that the whites had far more experience than what the blacks had. Although the black soldiers were being scolded and dishonored, they took it to their advantage and used it as motivation to keep on moving and become better than what the whites can do. This made it somewhat less difficult for them because they kept trying. They also had a commemorative leader known as Robert G. Shaw; who led the army and fought hard alongside the army. But at most times, he was forced to command his troops to do something that he or the troops didn't actually wanted to do. During a part of the civil war, he was practically forced to command his troops to burn down a town. Nguyen (2)

Aside from being forced to do the unthinkable, he wanted to show his tropps that he had a wide respect for the higher officers. They achieved glory by showing what they're capable of and that they can be just as good as the white soldiers. A way they accomplished this was by leading the army towards the battlefield. For once, they were the leading army reigning over the white soldiers....
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