Glory Days

Topics: High school, Graduation, Academic dress Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: September 7, 2012
Nebiyat Easler
Mr. Huff
English 101-2019
29 August 2012
Glory Days
High school is supposed to be the best years of a teenager’s life and for me it was. The first high school I ever attended was Eldorado high school, home of the Sundevils. The first day of my freshman year I woke up to my mom’s voice that morning, “Get up!” she yelled from my room door. It was the perfect morning, the smell of pancakes and bacon coming from the kitchen and my dad ironing my clothes before he goes to work. The first day of my freshman year was just like any other freshman’s. I walked to each of my classes nervously in those crowded and long hallways but mostly filled with excitement because I knew there was a lot of exciting adventures to come. After the first couple of months I was no longer a random girl that walked the wall ways. Everyone I associated with called me Nayynayy, that nickname stuck with me throughout my whole high school career. By my senior year, I grew a bond with teachers, staff, and students that went there and by the way things looked I was going to graduate from Eldorado, class of 2012. Until I started hanging around this girl named Jessica, I really didn’t hang around her any of my other years that I went to Eldorado and the only reason I starting hanging around her was because we had a student aide class together. Everything started out great, she wasn’t the best student throughout high school but since it was her senior year, she wanted to straighten up. One day, in our student aide class she had stolen an Iphone from a student. The school caught her on camera with it in her hands but they assumed since I was in the class with her and we walked out together that I knew about it, I was later called an accessory to a crime. Jessica and I, of course got suspend and had to go to a behavioral school. Those were the worst two months of my life, I had to wear uniforms, walk in lines, and all the classes were in portables. There was only one thing that...
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