Glorification of Rome - the Aeneid

Topics: Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Carthage Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: March 19, 2012
Theme: Glorification of Rome
* Explains Juno’s reason for hating the Trojans; it was predicted that ‘there was rising from the blood of Troy a race of men who in days to come would overthrow this Tyrian citadel; a people proud in war and rulers of a great empire’ (refers to Punic wars, three wars between Rome and Carthage from 264BC to 146BC) * Glorification of Rome

* Role of Prophecy and Fate
* Describing Neptune, Virgil uses the extended simile of the calming of the crowd; ‘As when disorder rises among the people of a great city and the common mob runs riot, wild passion finds weapons for men’s hands and torches and rocks start flying; at such a time if people chance to see a man who has some weight among them for his goodness and his services to the state, they fall silent, standing and listening with all their attention while his words command their passions and soothe their hearts – so did all the crashing of the sea fall silent’. Here he is referring to Augustus. * Glorification of Rome

* AOG: Venus approaches Jupiter, reprimanding him for Aeneas’ suffering and serving to further glorify Rome ‘From this blood of Teucer… there would come leaders of men who would hold power over every land and sea.’ Venus reveals a little more about what has happened to Aeneas and Jupiter reveals more about what will happen to him, giving a lengthy history of the Roman empire J: ‘He will wage a great war in Italy and crush it’s fierce tribes… the Romans. On them I impose no limits of time or place. I have given them an empire that will know no end.’ (Check pages 10/11) * Glorification of Rome

* Divine intervention
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