Gloria Naylor

Topics: Fiction, Novel, Short story Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: December 12, 2012
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Brandon Perkins
23 October 2012
Gloria Naylor
There are many fascinating authors that are very famous. But there's one in particular that is very exciting. Her name is Gloria Naylor. Her work is very detailed and has hidden messages within it and the only way to understand those messages is by analyzing it. I will be analyzing two novels that she wrote. Both of these novels were very big on book sales and I think may have been the wo that meant the most to Gloria Naylor. Gloria Naylor wrote a novel called Mama Day. This novel is very fascinating and cultural at the same time. Mama day helps out Bernice to heal from the wrong using of the drugs. “A Powerful storm strands George and cocoa in willow springs when the bridge goes out. His sacrifice helps heal the effect on cocoa.”(wiki) if you look deep inside of you and listen to the words that is talking about love. Without the love there wouldn’t have been the no sacrifice to help heal the effects on cocoa. Even when you look at the cover of the novel you have a pair of hands with palms facing the sky which symbolizies receiving, but they are dark with lightning bolts striking them which shows power or something disrupting the love. ‘There was a severe violent storm that happens

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and George and cocoa became ill,’ and that is where George’s sacrifice came into play to help heal Cocoa(library data base). Throught this novel Gloria Naylor has three different narrators reading the story(wiki). Most of the novel is George and Cocoa reading the story. That is a great thing to have multiple different narrators because each person gives a different feeling towards the story itself. Gloria Naylor was a Jehova’s Witness( This shows that she was not only a writer but a very religious person. I think that is a reason why she has so much emotion in her writing. Also, because of her being an African American women she already has a lot of things she has to deal with. For instance,...
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