Gloria Borger's Another Kind of Leader: Managing the Presidency

Topics: President of the United States, United States Congress, Bill Clinton Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: May 21, 2013
The article “Another kind of leader” by Gloria Borger looks at the question of the most appropriate way to manage on the presidency. The author also deals with the differences between a CEO and a President in general. Firstly, Gloria Borger analyzes what advantages George Bush has. He is the delegator-in-chief. Mr. Bush focuses on the big staff, leaving the details to others. Moreover, basing her conclusions on the opinion of President’s staff, the author considers that Bush can manage his time well and that his skills will be useful for transitioning and budgeting. Secondly, the author, referring to some skeptics, states that it may be hard for a CEO to become a good head of state. Ms. Borger illustrates it with the fact how difficult it is for a President to give a pink slip to anybody in his office. Thirdly, it is mentioned in the article that Bush has different ruling strategy from Clinton and Carter. The author says that Clinton was very chaotic and Carter was a micromanager. While Bush, found a middle ground. Besides, Clinton had two modes of dealing the congress which Bush did not possessed: sweet talk and cave-in. Bush just hoped to use his charm to attract support. Fourthly, the author dwells upon the relations between the Congress and a President. Gloria Borger states that Bush must use something besides his charm to be able to deal with the US legislative body. All in all, Ms. Borger examines strengths and weaknesses of George Bush’s managerial style. The author also dwells upon the essential attributes of the presidency and what differs it form a CEO position.
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