Gloria Anzaldua

Topics: Gloria E. Anzaldúa, The Culture, Mexican American Pages: 4 (1459 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Gloria Anzaldua

There have been many important topics and discussions that we have talked about in this class covering many throughout the year. We’ve come across many writers, thinkers, and poets that have brilliant thoughts and ideas. However, Gloria Anzaldua has the best views and beliefs relating to discourse, labeling, consciousness of self, identity, and cross-cultural fertilization. Anzaldua addresses these issues best in her passage “Towards a New Consciousness” along with her book “Borderlands, LaFrontera: The New Mestiza”, discussing many of the important topics we’ve talked about in our class. Anzaldua has done many great things for herself, sex, and most importantly her race. Anzaldua isn’t afraid of speaking out her mind and saying what is truthfully and morally right. Anzaldua’s work has benefitted many people dealing and facing the same issues she has dealt regardless of race and sex. Anzaldua’s work is important not only to myself but everyone else that is around me because it deals with current issues today. Anzaldua’s input and thoughts have propelled her to be one of the most important feminist writers in the 20th century. Anzaldua labels herself as a mestiza, a person who expresses multitudes of races, cultural, and ideaoligcal terms. In her writing she says, “As a Mestiza I have no country, my homeland cast me out; yet all countries are mine because I am every woman’s sister or potential lover”.[1] She decides to break out the norm and live the life she wants regardless of what others think of her. Anzaldua is dealing with a society in her time that is quick to criticize and scrutinize anyone that isn’t considered “normal”. Anzaldua also being a feminist and a lesbian has gotten her separated and exiled in a way from her society, “As a lesbian I have no race, my own people disclaim me; but I am all races because there is the queer of me in all races”.1 Even with this tough task she tries to give people in her culture the...
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