Topics: Gloria Steinem, Feminism, Betty Friedan Pages: 3 (780 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Ibrahim, Salma
Mrs. Spreen
English 6
April 5, 2013
Gloria, Steinem: Journalist, Lecturer, Feminist Activist
Over the course of many years, our country has changed in many ways. Ways that have helped society become better or for worse, ways that have made society become more equal in some parts, yet unfair and unjust in other areas. Whether it’s politically or socially, we the people are to blame for constructing society; for making society the place it has become today and yet to become tomorrow. One woman should be looked upon is Gloria Steinem. Gloria Steinem is what you can call a heroine. She has defended the rights of not only women, but humanity itself. Steinem, Gloria was born in 1934. Due to her father’s work as an antique dealer, the family traveled all over the United States in a trailer. Her mother worked as a journalist and teacher before suffering from severe depression that led to a nervous breakdown. Steinem’s parents divorced during her childhood, which lead to Gloria spending years struggling financially and caring for her mother. Her entrance into Smith College rescued her from years of coping with her mother’s illness by herself. After graduating from Smith in 1956, Steinem spent more than a year in India on a postgraduate fellowship. She studied for a few months at the University of New Delhi; traveling all over India. She walked with the followers of Gandhi, whose philosophy exerted a major influence in her life. In the 1960s Gloria Steinem began her journalism career in New York. At first she did cover challenging stories as a girl reporter among mostly men. Then she went undercover as a Playboy Club “bunny” to write an expose for the arts and culture magazine show. Gloria Steinem was an early contributing editor and political columnist for New York Magazine in the late 1960s. Steinem wrote a column on politics for the publication and became more engaged in the women’s movement after reporting on an abortion hearing...
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