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Waterfalls or Sprinklers
The Regional Solution
The Forgotten Strategy
Travellers tales
Globally challenged
Marketing Mix and the Internet
Cross-border Collaboration
Localizing the global
Choosing Between Globalization and Localization
Adapting Export Business Relationships
Field Marketing
Dancing to the Beat of a Different Drummer
Service Quality in Grocery Retailing
Go Global
International Marketing Research
Mattel Plans to Double Sales Abroad
Social Expressions/Greeting Card Industry
How Americans Win in Asia
Serving Global Customers
Myth and Marketing in Japan
International Brand-Name Standardization/Adaptation: Antecedents and Consequences Characteristics of the Product Standardization/ Adaptation in the International Environment A Study of Marketing Mix Adaptation in Multinational Firms

Standardization versus adaptation of international advertising strategies: Towards a framework Global business strategy: A contingency approach
Toward a new global strategy - B-School Brain Trust/Advice from Anderson Effects of global market conditions on brand image customization and brand performance Life and death with a foreign distributor

Globe trotting - overseas business opportunities for the US food industry Connecting with the Japanese customer - US exporters; customer service and satisfaction - News and Views from Japan The long farewell: Peugeot' departure from the U.S. market

Globalization, entrepreneurship, and public policy: A systems view Trends and Development in Standardization Adaptation Research. International advertising strategy: A review, reassessment and recommendation. Characteristics of the Product Standardization/ Adaptation in the International Environment. Standardized/adaptation of international marketing strategy: Necessary conditions for the advancement of knowledge Understanding the new bases for global market segmentation

Local market info eases standardization
Culture-sensitive adaptation or global standardization - the duration-of-usage hypothesis Standardization versus adaptation of international marketing strategy: an integrative assessment of the empirical research. The international advertising practices of multinational companies: A content analysis study. The Perennial Issue of Adaptation or Standardization of International Marketing Communication: Organizational Contingencies and Performance. Educator insights: Standardization or adaptation of the international marketing mix: The role of... Advertising in Asia: Localize or Regionalize?

The limits of global strategy.
The effects of transfer of marketing methods on export performance: an empirical examination. Standardization versus adaptation of international marketing strategy: An empirical investigation Participation in the International Marketplace by US Manufacturing Firms International Advertising Messages: To Adapt or Not to Adapt (That Is the Question) Is Standardisation of Marketing Feasible in Culture-Bound Industries? A European Case Study Customizing Global Marketing

Global Standardization -- Courting Danger
Organizational Adaptation to International Marketing
Standardization not standard for global marketers
A cross cultural analysis of print advertising targeted to Hispanic and non-Hispanic American consumers

Blue Ocean Strategy: From Theory to Practice

Waterfalls or Sprinklers?
How Can Multinationals Best Roll Out New Products in Different Markets? Hubert Gatignon , Christophe Van den Bulte
Cambridge University Press, 2004
Many multinationals are increasingly using a "big bang" approach to product launches in their various markets around the world. With increased global competition, intensified market integration, and other such factors increasingly a...
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