Globus Simulation Outline

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Glo-Bus Strategic Plan - Outline

The following are the key elements of your company’s initial strategic plan. You may use bullets, diagrams and other non-traditional text formats to convey your conclusions as long as you include enough detail to get your points across to me. Be sure to include the headings in the papers you hand in. Be sure to include your company name, letter, and logo as well as the names of all co-managers on the title page of your plans. I.In this first section, include information about your company’s management team: •Explain who each co-manager is and his/her main roles in creating this plan and expected role in determining the company’s future decisions. Be sure to include in this report how you truly expect each co-manager to contribute to your company’s success during the semester. II.In the next section explain the threats and opportunities in your external environmental. For this part of the plan , you should leverage your knowledge from the WH text and class discussions and use the information available to you in the Competitive Intelligence information in your Corporate Lobby •Separate societal (macro) and task (industry) level opportunities and threats into two categories and also identify which sub-category you feel a threat or opportunity falls into. •For example, increasing interest rates would be a macro threat in the economics subcategory. III.In this third section of your report, explain the strengths and weaknesses (S & W) of your company as you begin the simulation in the company’s 6th year. Refer to Chapter 5 in your WH text and class notes for the three categories of internal factors to include. Present your strengths and weaknesses in the following areas. •Corporate structure (includes top management as well as the different staffing areas) •Corporate culture (you will likely need to make inferences from the type of company you are inheriting and project what you want it to be) •Functional...
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