Globelization Essay

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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Outsourcing is a pretty much like globalization. Globalization is where different societies and cultures are integrated. This globalization of economies all over, into the economy by trade, foreign investment(which is directly), capital flow, migration, and the things of technology has its benefits of millions of people around the world. Outsourcing has helped many people get jobs and work. Most companies decided to leave the United States because of those rules because they want to compete overseas only.

Comparative Advantage is very important of globalization because china has cheaper labor it is harder to compete with them here. But it goes both ways. If China didn't have the means to produce products then we would have to spend even more money. According to Los Angeles Time, it could be anywhere from $5-10 dollars more each. If you ever look around your home, just about everything is made in India, China, Mexico, and Japan.

Outsourcing takes so many jobs from the American people in the United States. When Americans loose their jobs because of outsourcing, it is hard to find another job that they really qualify for and they will have so much money problems for a while. If you have money problems then people wont be able to shop and spend money like they would if they had that qualifying job. Not only will this hurt our country, it will also hurt our businesses here in the United states.

Even though when companies outsource it stops them from having lots of building and that also stops them from getting taxed and what company would not love that? Production requirements are different in other countries than it is in the United States.

Outsourcing is great for some companies but it is not good for the people in America. When companies outsource they seem to save some money and because of that they can lower their prices and they could always be on top when it comes to competing with other companies. This in not good for the little companies...