Globalization vs. Localization

Topics: Investment, Economics, Globalization Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: April 11, 2013
The measurement choice does matter.
1.Globalization further widens the gap between the rich and the poor. Globalization increases inequality within a country. 2. Globalization increases market sensitivity. Because Each actor in the international system is tied together more closely and in numerous ways. 3.Globalization undermines social welfare programs. and toward export sectors and other profit-yielding enterprises. 4.Globalization accelerates the "race to the bottom". Multinational companies tend to "seek the lowest level of regulation and taxation and other regulation.5. Globalization can lead to a "brain drain". as the best minds and most educated leave their country for greater opportunities or rewards elsewhere. 6.Financial liberalization is difficult to implement emerging nations are unable to float their currencies if they wish to attract foreign capital because exchange rate volatility would reduce foreign investment inflows. 7.Globalization has made it more difficult to ensure safety and stability. As Countries have less control than ever before over the flow of people, communicable diseases, pollution, drugs, arms, hazardous materials, and even terrorist activity.8. Globalization harms the environment. Globalization and subsequent "industrialization leads to more emissions, contributing to global warming and a deterioration of air and water quality. 9.Globalization is a threat to traditions . it acts behind cultural changes, the loss of traditional existence, , and the problems associated with rapid urbanization and industrialization which will lead toward the end of cultural diversity, and the triumph of a uni-polar culture serving the needs of transnational corporations. 10. Globalization results in the exploitation of millions of workers in countries In some countries, globalization leads the exploitation of child, and prison labor. inferior labor standards, less than minimum salary wage with very long working hour, no safety
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