Globalization Processes in Ukraine

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Ukraine in the modern globalization processes

Бурдяк Віра Іванівна (Vira Burdyak)
д.політ.н., професор Чернівецького національного університету
ім. Ю.Федьковича

Author points out that globalization, which has enclosed the overwhelming majority of states in the modern world including also Ukraine, is one of the most important causes of civilization development. It is especially accentuated that under the influence of global and local factors new geopolitical economic and civilization situation is being formed, dependence of people and world countries increases, which creates challenges and traps for the national state.

Globalization and Regionalization Influence
on Political Culture Development.

Зінковська Ганна В’ячеславівна (Ganna Zinkovska) Маріупольський Державний
Гуманітарний Університет,
аспірант 1 курсу
«Політичні інститути та процеси»

The thesises contain conceptual issues of political culture development. The definitions of globalization and regionalization are given. The structural elements of the globalization and regionalization processes are analyzed. Their influence on the development of the political culture of Europe as well as that of Ukraine is revealed. The thesises are aimed at teachers, students and all scientific workers who are interested in modern political processes.

Three obstacles in a way to exact forecasts
of development of megasystems

К.В. Корсак (K.Korsak)
м. Київ, Інститут вищої освіти АПН України

Three methodological mistakes are considered during creation of forecasts: ignoring of complexity of the megasystems; ignorance of the newest scientific information and refusal to take into account probable important opening.

Ukrainian National Identity: The Ways of Europeanization

Пелагеша Наталя Євгеніївна (Natalia Pelagesha) старший консультант
відділу соціокультурних та
етнонаціональних досліджень
Національного інституту стратегічних досліджень при Президентові України

The article is devoted to analysis of the ways of еuropeanization of Ukrainian sociocultural sphere and creation of supranational European identity in Ukraine as the way of legitimizing of its foreign policy curse.

The Means to myphologize the social

Чорний Вадим Вячеславович (Vadim Chorny) молодший науковий співробітник
інституту соціальної та політичної психології АПН України лабораторія мас та спільнот громадської думки.

Description of basic facilities of forming of the virtual worlds and stages of mifologisation of public opinion is given in this text.

Results of the modern Russian
hustings process: chinsation
or westernisation?

В.Н. Шилов (V.Shilov), Белгородский государственный университет, профессор кафедры отечественной истории и политологии

An author asserts that during a modern hustings process in Russia the tendency of approaching of its political system to the western standards of democracy prevails, by indicators what strengthening in the political process of procedural, institutions moments, decentralization of political power is.

Ambivalency of globalization and democracy

Юськів Богдан Миколайович (Bogdan Uskiv), Рівненський інститут слов’янознавства, професор кафедри міжнародної інформації, кандидат економічних наук

The article deals with ambialence impact of globalization processes on development of the world democracy.

Globalisation influence on political culture forming
Гринько А.И. (A.Grinko)
аспірант, МГГУ
All below mentioned is devoted to the problem of correlation of such concepts, as globalization and local cultures. It is talked about the culture in the aspect of multiculture, undermining in our days from within usual form of the national state, that is classic incorporated on the basis of single territory, single language and single origin of population; about globalization it is talked in the economic and informative aspects; globalization is in its forms of unification of large...
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