Globalization Positively Influences Africa

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  • Published : October 14, 2008
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Globalization Positively Influences Africa
Holly Berggren
University of South Florida

In this paper I will discuss the benefits of globalization upon Africa by analyzing and giving examples of the results of the international movement of ideas and people. Some points I will address that support the idea that globalization is a good thing for Africa are: Internationally recognized medicines and methods of prevention for diseases have especially helped the women of Africa due to the high rate of mortality in pregnant females and their infected offspring. Increased exports in South Africa and the opening up to foreign banks have accelerated the economic growth of South Africa creating more job opportunity for skilled workers. I will also establish that globalization is not a new concept in Africa due to its involvement in slave trade and colonial presence therein.

Proverb: “You take what is good and leave the residue” (as cited in Kwame). The effects of globalization are all encompassing due to the very definition of the term. Globalization can be defined as the opening up of economies that leads to an exchange of goods, technologies, services, capital, and ideas. There is a certain level of loss that comes with the gains of globalization in this ‘in with the new, out with the old’ society in which we live. Africa is at a fragile position as it has been left behind the rapidly growing Western world in modernity. No country can hide from globalization as it is the natural progression of our species. Advancements in technology and communication cannot be reversed. Though Africa can learn from the wisdom of her past, it would be a mistake to allow old methods or traditions to become a hindrance in the evolution of Africa as a successful member in our global society.

One positive aspect of globalization is its impact on women’s health in Africa...
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