Globalization- Negative Effect

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Globalization- Negative Effect

By | August 2010
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Globalization- Negative Effect
The problem of cross-cultural conflicts is an actual and vital problem in an up-to-date world, where the democracy values of Western Culture prevail. Clashes between representatives of different cultures in routine life take on special significance and show up in violence, which indicate the failure of the process of globalization and the idea of a global village. The attempt of Western culture to create multiculture and negative effects, which were caused by the attempt, became the object of interest not only for politics and scientists, but also common citizens. World citizens are brought into the epicenter of globalization's negative effect. That is why cross-cultural conflicts, as the most important effects of globalization, should be researched by scientists more closely. Moreover, for successful managing these conflicts, as the negative effect of globalization, the problem has to be studied not only by specialists in conflict-management, but also from the point of view of inter-cultural communication. However, as statistics show, such conflicts are based on particular factors, which push people on resistance against the established system and on manifestation of personal identity. As far, as this article is concerned, these factors exist on both individual and group levels; a lot of conflicts arise on domestic levels. That is why the very factor, which provokes cross-cultural conflict as the negative effect of globalization, is natural cataclysm, which is not able to be under the human control. For instance, remember hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, USA in late summer 2005; the consequences of the cataclysm were comprehensive including cross-cultural conflicts with earth-shattering results. The USA leading the politics of melting pot is a country-model of multiculturalism. As of present, the process of globalization includes an aspect of multuculturalizing the world. Therefore, in order to prevent cross-cultural conflicts in...

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