Globalization/ National Security

Topics: United States, Immigration to the United States, Immigration Pages: 4 (1144 words) Published: November 21, 2010
Dion Flowers
Comp II
Prof. Cantor
Globalization/ National Security

It’s a small world, literally! With the steady improvement of high speed technology, immigrants are headed for the United States borders. Something must be done, is homeland security the answer? If security is increased along national borders migration might be slowed. For example, with just the click of a button someone’s complete identity can be on a screen. Why not with the power of technology that’s in place, anything is possible. U.S borders have been a target for many terrorist. Homeland Security plays a vital part in protection, therefore security guards should be added along the U.S borders. To help slow the invasion, first guards and the addition of other technologies must be added. Next is to slow international workers from being employed by U.S companies. Finally, by assisting neighboring countries on the development towards a more stronger and stable economy. Indeed in a modern day society in which globalization and homeland security plays a part in everyday life.

There are various branches of security, but homeland security protects the everyday life of U.S citizens. Homeland Security is the branch that focuses on protecting the borders, in general one of the most secretive organizations in America. National security deals with many miraculous threats and minor terrorist attacks everyday. So why not improve the borders? This branch importance is vital to the U.S on defeating terrorism nationally. Although national security takes on a lot of threats, their belief is protect the borders and increase security .

In general, homeland security needs to be stricter along all borders. Yes, there’s a no fly list and other resources slowing immigration, but most terrorist and immigrants still seem to penetrate the country’s defense. The reason for the high rate of immigration is jobs. Many immigrants comes to the U.S in search for a better life, therefore taking jobs...
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