Globalization: Local Cultures

Topics: Culture, Film, Television Pages: 3 (999 words) Published: December 2, 2009
Globalization has been expanding all over the world, yet the debate whether it is good or bad for the world is still being discussed today. Some says that globalization makes the world healthier, but some others insist that the world is worse because of globalization, and it could destroy the tradition values and cultures of other countries. This essay, however, argues that even though globalization has been expanding more and more, traditions, local values and cultures will not be eroded. First of all, new ideas from other countries which are obtained via globalization will enrich local cultures. Secondly, a large variety of product will be brought to other countries, which encourages product diversity. Lastly, people can enjoy many kinds of entertainment from all over the world and get more knowledge via entertainment.

New ideas about politics and education that are borrowed from other countries via globalization, will make local culture more diverse. In the Phillipines, such ideas as individual right, freedom of speech, and respect for women did not exist in the past. However, these ideas have become more popular, local people have become more familiar with the culture of freedom of speech and individual right since America was in this country although they are sometimes used for political purpose (Rice-Oxley, M, 2004). Furthermore, such American’s ideas as freedom, individual, and independence open people’s mind and help people develop their own identity (Blakley, J, 2001). In addition to politics, education also benefits from new ideas borrowed from other countries. In Shanghai, local television station transfers an American show called Sesame Street to Zhima Jie that is used to educate children and promote Chinese values. This show teaches children Chinese ancient cultures and art forms, Chinese alphabet, and family values so that traditional values of Chinese are maintained (Zwingle, E, 2000). Therefore, new ideas from globalization only enrich local...
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