Globalization Leads to a New Cultural Diversity

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  • Published : March 6, 2011
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As a result of the increasing cultural contact a number of traditional practices, whole ways of life and worldviews disappear. Special fishing techniques of the Inuit are forgotten and it is estimated that just 10% of over 6.500 languages spoken today will survive.

At the same time globality leads to the emergence of new cultural forms - a process that was coined by writers as "the periphery talks back" and points out that everywhere cultural traditions mix and create new practices and worldviews. The swedish anthropologist Ulf Hannerz(2) uses the term creolization, connotating the creativity and richness of expression of these "cultural bastards". The term refers to cultural expressions which don’t have historical roots, but are the result of global interconnections.

More and more Individuals stress their multicultural biographies, from writers like Salman Rushdie to Tiger Woods, shooting star of the internation golf sport, who calls himself "Cablinasian" to point out his ancestry in black, indian and asian cultures. Writers with a multicultural biography were among the first to express those changes called creolization: Authors like Hanif Kureishi, Keri Hulme or Emine Sevgi Ösdamer mix languages and express in their writing the diversity and richness of their cultural influences as well as the conflicts that form part of this creolization process.

In the shadow of the much dicussed "Gastarbeiter" generation, new communities like the Latinos or Afro-Germans have emerged in Germany. There is an estimated number of 400.000 Germans with black and white ancestry, who identify themselves as Afro-Germans. Latinamerican born residents marry, work and mix with Germans. Equadorian women share their flats with german homosexual men (not to be immagined in their place of origins) or make germans fly to Brazil to get introduced to Daime-Rituals in the amazonas forest. Germans change their lifestyle equally: they get inspired by Eduardo Galliano, learn Salsa dancing...
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