Globalization Is Good

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Globalization – Threat or Opportunity?
1 Introduction
Globalization is a term used to describe the political, economic and cultural climate of today’s world. Some say it is the movement of people, language, ideas, and products around the world. Others see it as the dominance of multinational corporations and the destruction of cultural identities. Since the dawn of man, economies have been changing and expanding, but most importantly, converging. In recent years, although economic convergence has been occurring for ages, this idea has become a hot topic of political and economic debate. However one chooses to describe it, globalization is surrounded with controversy. With a discussion on globalization comes a set of competing views. Is globalization a force for economic growth, prosperity, and democratic freedom? Or is it a force for environmental devastation, exploitation of the developing world, and suppression of human rights? These two different views will be covered in this essay. The paper is divided into three different sections: the first one depicts the advantages of globalization. The second section provides a discussion about the treats or short-comings brought by globalization. The last part will explore the myths about globalization.

2 Globalization is a positive trend
2.1Globalization’s Benefits for the World
As we move further and further into the twenty-first century, the more clearly we are seeing the advantages of globalization. It has unlimited economic, technical, social and cultural benefits for developing countries. Globalization can mean sharing technological know-how, such as better methods of farming, or it can mean building roads or a dam to give people access to clean water or electricity. In a statistical analysis, globalization proves to have many advantages. During the 20th century global per capita GDP increased almost fivefold, the flow of private capital sharply increased, and technological innovation occurred. These are the factors of globalization and also the factors that sustain and improve standard of living. Standard of living is the most accurate measurement of a nation’s well-being. From 1960 to 1999, the infant mortality rate in Mexico dropped from 93 to 29. The life expectancy for the Chinese citizen increased from average 36 to 70 years. Even the countries of sub-Saharan Africa made improvements in infant mortality, life expectancy, and adult literacy. Everyone gains from globalization. The advantages of globalization also can be seen in the internet. Now, it is possible to have global communication. Someone in Africa can talk to someone in Canada in real time. Or, someone in the United States can email a friend in India and have it arrive in their mailbox in less than one minute. The transmission of information over the internet is making people who live in underdeveloped countries aware of what is possible. The advantages of globalization mean that news is transmitted around the world as it happens. It is a lot harder to keep people in the dark about events happens in the rest of the world. The advantages of globalization on the international economy are substantial. Countries can invest in one another, loan money to one another, and develop trade with other countries. Businessmen can sell their goods in new foreign markets. The more goods that are sold, the more jobs are created. Even in economic difficulties, the world is a better place because the global market is more open and free. The movement of freedom and democracy is another one of the advantages of globalization. The world is becoming closer; all human beings share the earth with one another. It brings about cooperation in trying to make the earth a better place to live. The ultimate goal of globalization is the peace of the world--all countries becoming accepting of one another and the diversity...
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