Globalization in Fiji

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 2 (748 words) Published: September 21, 2012
Globalization is a basically connecting different countries together as a global village, thus this reflective journal is divided into three parts. Part one will highlight on some of the influences of globalization on Fiji’s education system and its education delivery. Part two will state some advantages and disadvantages of globalization on the education system. Part three will elaborate on how to control the negative impact of globalization on Fiji’s education system. Eventually, the conclusion will be drawn.

Some of the influences of globalization on Fiji’s education system are that teachers from different countries, who come to teach in Fiji, will teach the students according to their own countries education system rather than adhering to Fiji’s education system. They also bring their own ideas and ways of their countries to teach in Fiji schools. The expatriates who come from overseas to Fiji also try to implement the knowledge of their own countries education system into Fiji’s education system. Different ideas may also be implemented into Fiji’s education system by teachers and education officers who have studied abroad and are now back in Fiji. Currently the educational ideas from Australia and New Zealand education system are being followed in Fiji. There is no corporal punishment allowed in Fiji schools. All the Fiji secondary schools are now to have Councilors, Academic Councilors, Discipline Councilors and a Child Protection Officer (C.P.O).

In addition, some advantages of globalization on Fiji’s education system are that new and innovative ideas come into Fiji regarding the education system from overseas countries. This is possible as exchange of teachers in schools from overseas, come and teach in Fiji. Teachers from Fiji go abroad and study certain countries education system and when they return to Fiji, they implement their knowledge and skills of that countries education system in Fiji. Education support is given by governments in other...
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