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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Immigration and Crime Rates in the U.S

Did you know that Immigration started in the 1700’s? Or that the first crime recorded was in 1672? Immigration is the act of coming to live in a foreign country permanently. Immigration is what found the United States of America. So why is it such a big deal when others do it today? Does it have any negative impacts? But my main question is does immigration in the United States effect criminal rates or activity? Well to start there our 191 million immigrants worldwide. 151 million immigrants live in developed countries. 20%, which is roughly 38 million, live in the U.S creating 13% of their population. Out of that 38 million how many are criminals or convicted felons?

The Department of Homeland Security estimates that of all the immigrants (legal or not) cover 20% of the inmates in prison. The DHS identified that 221,000 non-citizens are in the nation’s jails. 11 to 15 are the percent of jail population. From the years 1997-2007 816,000 criminal aliens were moved out of the U.S for criminal charges or convictions.

The arrival of immigrants helps keep the inflation low, boost rents and housing values, and benefits the average U.S taxpayer. An economist by the name if Albert Saiz said in a 2003 article "Immigration provides overall economic gains to a country" An increased of immigrants has helped depress the incomes of the lowest-skilled workers in recent decades, many economists agree. But they argue about the magnitude of the effect; some say it's big while others see it as slight.

The immigration act of 1965 opened the door to non-European immigrants, 40 million of which that now live in the United States today. For a long time half of the migrants were from Latin American and the Caribbean and had the majority percentage. But late 2009 a study was taken proving that Asians overtook Hispanics as the fastest-growing group of immigrants.

In a worldwide estimate there are about 191...
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