Globalization: Chinese Culture

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  • Published : November 15, 2012
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Some people argue that globalization has made some cultures perish. Do you think globalization will have the same effect on Chinese culture? Does globalization have a positive or negative effect on Chinese culture? Why? Generally speaking, what are the advantages and disadvantages of globalization?

|The development of globalization has changed the whole world in every aspect. Not only does it |全球化的发展在各个方面都已经改变了整个世界。它不仅影响经济和| |effect the economy and politics, but the culture of different countries. During the process, |政治,但不同国家的文化。在这个过程中,东方文化已辐射新的活力| |oriental culture has radiated new vitality and displayed extremely bright prospect. After the |,显示非常光明的前景。经过漫长的文化司和团聚,东方文化重新找| |long cultural division and reunion, Oriental cultural re-found its position. The prospective |到了自己的立场。未来的东方文化将充分发挥其优点,强调精神文化| |Oriental culture will give full play to its merit that emphasizes the spiritual culture, and |,并不断充实和完善自己,从而最终实现其在未来世界的文化地位。| |will continuously enrich and improve itself and thus finally to achieve its position in future | | |world culture. | | | |一些专家说,全球化带来了一个多元文化的世界,由于西方种族优越| |Some experts say that globalization has brought about a multi-cultural world, and because of the|,优势文化可能是导致西方国家并给出了一个巨大的攻击,其他的文| |superiority of the Occident race, the dominant culture may be led by western countries and gives|化。在那个时候,人类将进入一个停滞期。然后,全球化可能不能消| |a huge attack to other cultures. At that time, the human beings will enter a period of |除国家和民族之间的冲突。在某些情况下,它可能加剧的条件。因此| |stagnation .Then the globalization may not eliminate the conflicts between nations and |,保护东方文化很迫切。而作为东方文化的代表,我们很幸运,对中| |nationalities. In some cases, it may intensify the condition. So protecting oriental culture is |国古代文化,特别是保持良好的思想是,一些波动,现在世界上的儒| |very urgent. And as the representative of oriental culture, we are lucky that some of China's |家思想能够使整个世界变得更加和谐。 | |ancient culture, especially the thoughts are well remained, and now swings the world with |在过去,希腊苏格拉底,柏拉图,而中国有孔子和老子。他们的思想| |Confucianism which can make the whole world more harmonious. |已经成为人类历史的主要精神财富。在17和18世纪,西方国家已经吸| |In the past, Greece had Socrates and Plato while China had Confucius and Laozi. Their thoughts |收了印度和中华文化的同时,发展了中华文化和上月与外来文化的影| |have become the main spiritual treasure in the history of human beings. In the 17th and 18th |响迅速。例如,我们都知道,在东方的主要哲学思想是儒家思想。孔| |century, western countries had absorbed the Indian and Chinese culture, at the same time, |子的理论认为,人物培养,并呼吁人们展示自己的人性。孔子的言论| |Chinese culture had developed and up-dated rapidly with the effect of the foreign culture. For |是众所周知的世界。他说:“所以你拔去横木上的复仇之旅,先挖两 | |example, we all know that the main philosophy in the East is the Confucianism. Confucius's |个坟墓。”这些言论使人们的警告点,每个人都应该知道如何与他人 | |theory considers the characters cultivate and calls for people to show their humanness. |建立良好的关系。此外,在仔细观察的基础上,中国专家们进入了一| |Confucius's remarks are well-known in the world. He said" therefore you unbar on the journey on |个结论,即有三种类型的儒学。第一个是儒家独家的崇敬,然后是儒| |revenge, dig two graves". These remarks make a point of warning people that everyone should know|家与道家,互补的理念,如“在默默无闻,学者将保持自己的完整性 | |how to build up a good relationship with others. Moreover, based on the careful observation, the|,在成功的时候,他们可以让整个帝国完美”。三是结合成一个儒, | |experts of China come into a conclusion that there are three types of Confucianism. The first |佛,道教。他们中的大多数已被广泛接受,由不同国家的教训.. | |one is exclusive reverence of Confucianism, then is the complementation of Confucianism and | | |Taoism, such as the idea of "in obscurity, scholars would maintain...
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