Globalization and Terrorism

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Are Terrorism and Globalization Linked?
February 24, 2006

Are Terrorism and Globalization Linked?
Globalization Defined
While a precise definition of the term has yet to be established, many of the currently employed definitions use similar concepts. The University of Colorado at Boulder (2002) describes the global economy as one in which the main international players are corporations and lacking a structure tied to national boundaries. Refusing to assign a specific definition to the term, the World Bank (2000) describes it primarily as “the observation that in recent years a quickly rising share of economic activity in the world seems to be taking place between people who live in different countries,” or, more simply, an increase in international economic activities. The Center for Strategic & International Studies (2002) attempts to precisely define globalization, calling it “a process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations, a process driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology.” The International Monetary Fund (2000) offers the broadest summary of globalization, referring to it as “the increasing integration of economies around the world, particularly through trade and financial flows,” adding, “The term sometimes also refers to the movement of people (labor) and knowledge (technology) across international borders. There are also broader cultural, political and environmental dimensions of globalization.” Globalization is “the increased mobility of goods, services, labour, technology and capital throughout the world,” according to the Government of Canada (2005). Rainer Tetzlaff (1998) writes that globalization encompasses many aspects, including increasing international transactions, new communications technologies, an increasing complex division of labor and goods distribution, quick turnover of concepts and consumer patterns, and a significant increase in transnational institutions and political movements. Globalization is “a process of growing interdependence between all people of this planet,” according to the International Labour Organization (1996) and mentions economical interdependence. Even the cynical Progressive Living organization (2001) talks about globalization from an economic standpoint, calling it “a process, well underway, which trends toward the undermining of national sovereignty, and therefore citizen’s [sic] rights, in favor of the economic interests of gigantic transnational corporations.” All of these definitions of the term agree on the economic aspect of globalization. The process began as one of increasingly international business dealings. However, it is ignorant to not consider other aspects of globalization. A good definition for it is an economically-driven process of business which also makes ideas, cultural behaviors, technologies, and politics global concepts and lead to greater interaction among previously separated groups and/or nations. It seems that this is the most succinct and precise the definition of globalization can be without ignoring many important aspects of it as some of the previously mentioned definitions do. Globalization and Terrorism

In recent years, the world has seen many terrorist attacks or attempted attacks in locations other than where the terrorist(s) originated from. Notably, the majority of these attacks involved Muslim extremist groups. A Madrid train was bombed, as was a London subway. United States embassies in African nations were attacked. Airplanes were hijacked and flown into the World Trade Center in New York. Australia narrowly avoided a terrorist attack. In each of these cases, the terrorists did not come from the country that was targeted. When the media covers the fight against terrorists, people often hear that a government is doing something to stop them without sending any military personnel somewhere in response....
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