Globalization and Regionalization Strategy

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  • Published : May 31, 2013
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Stacy Mensah
BZ480 International Management
September 27, 2012
Ashworth College

Globalization strategy.
When defining Globalization strategy (standardization strategy) it is a "marketing strategy that is standardized for use throughout the world". This type of strategy demonstrates that many consumers behavior is very similar throughout all countries. According to the online encyclopedia it shares that all market segments uses the same features and buy the same services and products. Examples of globalized companies includes AT&T, a top leader in communication technology. AT&T services are used and needed on a global scale, which needs to be effective, unfortunately without a strategy their business may fail. In order to avoid this, market research is very imperative, it is used to determine if the products and services are useful and needed in other countries it markets to. AT&T uses the below quote to share the effectiveness of their company's global strategy by stating: AT&T have "a [[m]ulti-Protocol Label Switched network access from 155 countries through more than 2000 service nodes, including new network nodes in Vietnam, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Morocco and India (3), as well as satellite and long-line extension access from 51 countries, DSL network access in 34 countries, Ethernet network access in 31 countries, remote access via cellular data in 11 countries, WiFi access from 55,000 hotspots in 80 countries, and Ethernet wired access from 17 countries." ( Regionalization strategy

Regionalization Strategy is defined as one in which local markets are linked together within a region. To be successful regionalization should involve revitalizing or upgrading the organizational structure, resources, staff skills and systems of the sales organization in order to be effective. An example of regionalization strategy is pharmaceutical sales , such as Merck & Co. They have moved from centralization to regionalism, focusing...