Globalization and Indian Economy

Topics: Economics, International trade, Trade Pages: 1 (254 words) Published: March 25, 2012
Template for Course outline for MBA core Program

Course name: Globalization & The Indian Economy (0.5 credit)| Course code| Term: III|
Course objective: To understand and analyse open macroeconomic issues & policies and their relevance to the Indian economy. | Evaluation Criteria (in %) Class participation : 5 Quizzes Case / Assignment presentations: 10 Mid term Exam: 15 End Term Exam: 20| Pedagogy: Lectures and class discussions, case studies when indicated in the course outline and reading relevant articles in the newspaper and discussing them in the class.| Faculty: Dr. Sangita Kamdar, Prof. Souvik Dhar, Dr. Chandrima Sikdar | Session Outline|

Session 1| Topic: Economic reforms and globalization in India. Read: 1) The world is flat by Thomas Friedman. 2) Economic survey of India | Session 2| Topic: Reason for trade: Natural resources, tastes, cost. Principle of comparative advantage. Read: Samuelson: Chapter 18 | Session 3 | Topic: Gains from trade. Read: Samuelson : Chapter 18 | Session 4| Topic: Protectionism : Trade and tariffs, other barriers to trade. Read: Samuelson: Chapter 18| Session 5| Topic: The economics of protectionism – arguments for free trade and protectionism Read: Samuelson: Chapter 18| Session 6| Topic: Multilateral trade negotiations Read: Samuelson: Chapter 18| Session 7| Topic: Balance of payments.Read: Samuelson: Chapter 27| Session 8| Topic: Foreign Exchange Market. Read: Samuelson: Chapter 27| Session 9| Topic: What determines exchange rates? : Purchasing Power ParityRead: Samuelson: Chapter 27| Text: Samuelson Paul & William Nordhaus, Economics, Indian adaptation by Sudip Chaudhari & Anindya Sen. 19th edition, Tata Mcgraw Hill. Case book references/Newspaper articles: To be provided to students. |
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