Globalization and Freedom in India and Mainland China

Topics: Short story, Indian independence movement, India Pages: 4 (1228 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Globalization and Freedom in India and Mainland China
Throughout the novel “The White Tiger” by Indian writer, Aravind Adiga and the short story “ After Cowboy Chicken Came to Town” by Chinese writer, Han Jin. Both mention about how globalization, the process of international integration arising from interchange of worldviews, products, and other aspects of culture, influences India and Mainland China. One of the plots in Adiga’s novel is Ashok and Balram moved to Gurgaon instead of going back to the U.S. because they would like to satisfy Ashok’s wife, Pink’s desires for American Culture. In Ha Jin’s short story, it depicts about an American restaurant influenced Mainland China after Chinese government implemented economic reform. Similarly, These two backgrounds in countries imply that Americanization played an important role under globalization. In terms of freedom in Mainland China and India, they are totally different. In Adiga’s novel, Balram did his best to change his life and overcome different kinds of obstacles. He became a freeman finally. On the contrary, in Ha Jin’s short story “Saboteur,” Mr. Chu, a Communist Party Member and a lecturer at Harbi University, was arrested because he destroyed public order and disobey the policeman command. As you can see, it is a good comparison between freedom in India and China. Globalization is the main theme of both “The White Tiger” and “ After a Cowboy Chicken Came to Town.” In Adiga’s novel, it happens in the modern society in India under globalization. India has become one of the fastest grooming economies. Therefore, Americanization plays an important role in the plot, so it is a good opportunity for the protagonist in “White Tiger”, Balram to change his caste. One of the plots in the novel is that Balram took Ashok and Ashok’s wife, Pinky to move to Gugaon by a car instead of going back to the U.S. because Pink desires for American cultures. Ashok explained this move like “Today it’s the modernist...
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