Globalization and Following Quote

Topics: Globalization, Kofi Annan, English-language films Pages: 2 (383 words) Published: February 28, 2011
Twenty Questions on Globalization

1. What is globalization?
2. In what ways has globalization been going on since the dawn of modern civilizations? 3. Is there anything wrong with Starbucks or McDonald’s trying to crack the China market and open as many stores there as possible? 4. Should citizens make efforts to encourage their compatriots to purchase goods made in their own countries (i.e. to purchase American automobiles)? 5. What are the benefits of globalization for the average person? 6. What are the drawbacks of globalization for the average person? 7. In what ways might globalization render the nation-state relatively weak (and is this necessarily a bad thing)? 8. Respond to those who assert that globalization is fueling nationalism, cultural reaction, and terrorist violence. 9. In what ways, if any, should globalization be stifled? 10. Can and should the United States attempt to assume global leadership as the sole remaining superpower or is this merely going to be perceived as America in her quest for global hegemony? 11. Does supranational governance through the UN and other international organizations hold more promise than US leadership? 12. In what ways is globalization just a friendlier term for neo-imperialism? 13. What would Karl Marx say about globalization?

14. How must education systems be fundamentally altered to accommodate this new, global market? 15. In the final analysis, will globalization lead to more peace or more war? Explain. 16. List three specific things that we can do to maximize the potential of globalization while minimizing its deleterious effects.

17. Respond to the following quote, “It has been said that arguing against globalization is like arguing against the laws of gravity." (Kofi Annan) 18. Respond to the following quote, "Globalization is a fact of life. But I believe we have underestimated its fragility." (Kofi Annan) 19. Respond to the following quote,...
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