Globalization and Citizenship

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  • Published : December 6, 2009
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Imagine a sudden increase in economic activity, investments and trade. Imagine economic integration and the rapid development of cities. This is globalization. Globalization is used to describe the increased integration and internationalization of economic affairs and relations which are facilitated and transitioned by rapid development in technology in the fields of information gathering, communication and processing. Globalization has a very big influence and impact on the economies of the world. We see many countries developing at rapid paces and are emerging as world super powers in a very short span of time. Two examples of this rapid development due to globalization can be seen in India and China, where the economy is changing at a rapid pace. This rapid pace and rapid development has impacts on various aspects of a country. Impacts in various sectors such as labour, job markets, housing and politics just to name a few. The aspect which globalization has a major impact in is citizenship. How is globalization impacting citizenship? Globalization is impacting citizenship in the labour sector in a big way. The impact on this sector has both a positive and a negative effect. This sector has realised significant growth and thus it is the main area of impact because of globalization. The sector in which globalization has impacted citizenship is in the labour sector. As countries like India and China continue to globalize more and more job opportunities are going to be created. Matthew J. Slaughter and Phillip Swagel, authors of “Does Globalization Lower Wages and Export Jobs?”, state that over the past twenty years, foreign trade and the cross-border movement of technology, labour, and capital have been massive and irresistible. This means that so many opportunities of growth and prosperity are hard to resist. They also state that during the same period, in the advanced industrial countries, the demand for more-skilled workers has increased at the expense of...
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