Topics: Culture, History of the Internet, Globalization Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: April 21, 2014
Globalization and its effects on my personal life

One of the topics, which were discussed during the first lesson of the course «Personal Administration and Leadership Skills», was globalization and its influences on people’s lives. Prior to this lecture, I had never reflected on this issue. In fact, globalization process has been affecting the lives of ordinary people in many different ways. The point of this essay is to contemplate the main factors of influence of the globalization process on my personal life. To begin with the definition of the process, «what is globalization means? ». According to the Business Dictionary 2013, globalization is the tendency of investment funds and businesses to move beyond domestic and national markets to other markets around the world, thus increasing the interconnection of different markets. In my opinion, the main idea of the globalization is that the globe is getting smaller through the interchange of goods information, knowledge and culture. This process involves technological, economic, and cultural exchanges made possible by improvement in communication, infrastructure and transportation sectors. All in all, the integration of the different cultures has affected my life in very positive way; due to this factor I was able to enter the Finnish university, to explore the world on my own and learn about different cultures. Globalization has affected my life to a large degree. From my point of view, there are several factors which have been facilitated the expansion of the globalization. Primary, this is the development of technology and improvement of education; due to these facts, it has became possible for a large amount of people (myself included) to receive a great deal of the various information and to access own ideas by means of using the Internet resources, television, radio etc. . The Internet is obviously the most significant innovation at the present time, which plays a considerable role in the growth of...
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