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Globalization, Culture, and Diversity
The impact of the growing film industry

It is no secret that the growth in mass media has greatly increased globalization. Advancements in technology allow us to connect with the world in ways we couldn’t before. This globalization has greatly impacted our views on cultural understanding and diversity. Before the internet, people had very limited knowledge of other cultures. However, with the expansion of mass media, people can now, not only, know about other cultures, but they can also experience them. This idea of globalization and interconnection of cultures is extremely prevalent in movies. Yi Wang says:

“Nowadays, globalization is an overwhelming world trend. Advocates of Anti- globalization view globalization as homogenization. In fact, globalization is not simply homogenization; on the contrary, it enhances cultural identity. First, People are not mere objects of cultural influences, but subjects who can reject or integrate culture. Besides, with the development of science and technology, people are closer than before. The sense of “togetherness” brought with globalization is not at all in conflict with diversity. In the new era of globalization, people become much more concerned about the uniqueness and particularity of their own culture. Cultural identity provides the global significance of local knowledge and the sense of self, community and nation.” -Wang, Yi. "Globalization Enhances Cultural Identity."

For my research I watched the Bollywood film “I Hate Luv Storys”. Yes, the name contains some obvious grammatical errors, but right off the bat, just reading the title, you can see the impact of globalization; there is obvious integration of American culture shown here. This was a common theme throughout the entire film. Right from the very beginning of the movie there were aspects of American culture in practically every scene. The language was Hindi, so I had to watch...
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