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Human Resources management
How to manage and recruit new people becomes a new issue when Herborist decide to enter the UK market. In order to enter the UK market, Herborist need to reconsider about HR strategy to fit them into a totally different market that with the different culture and different working environment.

Herborist should implement the principle of "localization". "Localization" will help reduce the overseas dispatch of personnel and multinational companies operating high fees Use. With the local social and cultural integration, it will reduce local social crisis mood of foreign capital and increase employment opportunities, change management style.

The strategy of "localization" including hiring local employees as much as possible, train them to understand the company culture with the royalty to the company. The most important is to hire qualified local managers to avoid cultural conflicts, and conduct business smoothly. Talent is the lifeblood of enterprise development, relying on staff is the key to success; all employee which with the different background or culture should be involved in a variety of management activities and provided the same opportunity. Eventually, the company will be full of vigor and vitality.

* For the overseas dispatch employee from china
Language is the basic tool, as herborist is entering a foreign market. Well English speaking people who have working experience in Herboist will be the first considered to have the job. If he/she has the experience of living in UK, it would be the best choice.

* For the local employee
Interest of Herboist is the first consideration thing in this scenario. Candidates who did not focus on the material rewards, not particularly with high expectations, only love the brand, came with passion, want to be able to grow together in the early stage of the brand.

Herborist also need to recruit some beauty consultant in case of knowing the...
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