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October, 1, 2012

Mount Royal University

As we look over the month of our class there have been many issues and discussions of globalization

and its powerful influence on many issues today. The first topic that we discussed in which I found

interesting was the idea of racism and how it has affected many aboriginal communities and there well

being. I don't have any aboriginal blood in me but I think its important to understand that we can all

learn something from them. There great respect for the environment and there surroundings have been

documented for decades and it seems like they don't get enough credit for what they have done. They

created Canada and its heritage, without them I don't think Canada would be what it is like today.

Because of there sacrifices for the land and protection of the environment, Canada has become the

greatest country in the world, we are free to pursue whatever we want to become without any

distractions, but its important that we recognize why we have that freedom and while its heritage is still

celebrated in some cases, its not enough. The increasing technological process of our society has made

us oblivion to the important things in life and more on how many friends you have on facebook or how

many people follow you on twitter.

I believe that the racism of the past has clearly had a profoundly devastating and lasting effect on

Aboriginal communities throughout Canada. European cultural norms have imposed themselves on

Native populations in Canada, and I think Aboriginal communities continue to struggle to adapt to new

ways of life. But why would they want to. Why would they want to change there lifestyle, it there

heritage, its what they have been doing for generations, I don't think many people would like it if they

were kicked out of there homes for no reason and brought to a whole new culture that makes it...
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