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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Uzbeks and Globalization

The changes that have been gradually taking place in Uzbekistan can be seen as both bad and good to some citizens. The change to capitalism seems to be bringing the country further into poverty; however, the people have more opportunity to change their own future.

Cotton farming and capitalism do not seem to present the opportunity of a better life for Uzbeks. While it is beneficial that the families do not have to deal with controlling and often abusive landlords, it has now become harder to support their ever-growing families. The Uzbeks have always believed in having many children, however, they now need to have families bigger than they can afford to support in order to harvest more cotton. Even though with every child there are two more hands available to harvest the cotton, there is one more mouth to feed. This leads them further down the road of poverty. The further the family gets into poverty, the more you see extended family households. Once the children are grown, they either cannot afford to leave their parents household or cannot find land and materials to purchase to build their own house and start their own family. Many parents then have all of their children pool their money into one large fund for the household. With the children being partially responsible for supporting the entire family, they have a hard time saving their money, which in turn makes it even harder to leave.

Many women do not favor the changes that have been happening in Uzbekistan. An example of this would be from the interview with the husband and wife in chapter two of the book. They discuss how the women are now being forced into the cotton fields in order to help harvest the cotton that is essential for bringing in income for their household. The wife does idealizes the past because before women were only responsible for keeping the house running smoothly. Now women are responsible for running the house and harvesting the...
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