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  • Published : December 27, 2012
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Nowadays as we live in the industrial era a good deal of new various notions emerges. And often it is quite hard to understand the exact meaning of one or another term. One of them is globalization. Globalization stands for the process of global economic, political, cultural integration and unification. Its major characteristic features are global brands, international trade, increasing pace of technologic change, standardization of legislation, economic and technological processes, as well as removing the borders between cultures of various countries, etc. The first thing that needs to be said is that globalization did not emerge from nowhere, as it can seem at first sight, on the contrary this phenomenon has a long history. Globalization had roots in the ancient period, in particular in Roman Empire, which had rather developed commercial links all over the world. The next period of globalization fell on the Middle Ages and was caused by the process of colonisation. In the Modern Period globalization slowed down to some extent its speed of growth and development due to such events as the First and the Second World Wars. However, today we witness globalization becoming again an integral part of everyone’s life, it affects such spheres as economy (international commerce), culture (increase in cross-cultural contacts and religious movements), politics (power centralization, influential international organisations, regionalization), to name but a few. So it is evident that in our society globalization has a tremendous influence on our lives. But does globalization can be a good factor for the world development on all its dimensions? That is a really hard question to be answered but let us try to consider what the advantages and disadvantages of globalization are. First of all, one cannot deny that globalization makes it possible for people to enjoy a great range of goods, it multiplies choices and leads to the whole world...
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