Globality and Urban Education

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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How is the idea of globality relevant to a critical understanding of urban education?

* Introduction: This essay explores an array of issues related to globalisation and urban education. These include the understanding of globalisation, how globalisation has helped shape the current education system, globalisation and its effect on culture and race in context to education, and whether the impacts of globalization differ depending on the initial conditions in a country or educational system? According to Back et al (2012, p.123),globalization “refers to the way in which the whole planet and all the people on it are connected to and dependent upon, each other in multiple and increasingly complex ways” Globalization is omnipresent, engulfing us, the world and our institutions. It is at times uncertain as it can be viewed from differing perspectives i.e. whether the benefits outweigh the costs of segregation of race, culture, and/or ideals.

* It also creates space to explore how global mechanisms, e.g. of communication and technology, and integration not only of economies but also of cultures has impinged on education policy and practice.

* He focused on how inequality is reproduced not only through wealth but also through education. “Cultural capital is considered to be a key mechanism in the reproduction of the dominant culture through which background inequalities are converted into differential academic attainments and hence rewards.” (Bellamy, 1994, p.123) Those with cultural and social capital have an advantage especially when the education system is aligned with the values of the dominant class.

* “The reconstruction of education on the grounds that socio-economic, cultural, and the material conditions of everyday life and labour are changing is a reasonable response to the great transformations now underway” (Kellner, 2003, p. 13). Kellner (2003) calls for a radical reconstruction and democratization of education.

* Students...
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