Globalisation: What's New? What's Not? (and so What?), Globalisation and American Power.

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  • Published : January 16, 2011
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Article review.

Globalisation: What’s new? What’s not? (And so what?), Globalisation and American power.

In these two article globalization and the increase of globalism is described in two very different ways. Waltz arguing from a realist’s perspective; that the politics of the state is ultimately affected within globalization. R.O.keohane and J.S.Nye Jr express a liberal opinion, arguing the many different factors that affect the increase in globalism. ‘Globalization: What’s new? What’s not? (And so what)’, portrays the speed in which globalism has increased through many different factors; economically, military, environmentally and socially. This is an idealist analytic approach, not set in stone. This leads on to the thickness of globalism, the increased compactness of networks, and the complicated web that intertwines countries/states in many different ways. A description of complex interdependence, portrays a world in which the ever increasing globalism could; they hypothesis, come into effect. In conclusion they explain that globalism is rapidly increasing, although sovereign states in the present and the future have the main structure, world politics is being affected by increasing globalism. ‘Globalisation and American Power’ describes globalisation as a complex network of connections within the economy of the world. The beginning of the article explains how the more economically developed the country the more closely connected to the rest of the world. He highlights his view that America sits on the top, for example their economy and military has grown dramatically, and since the Cold War no state balances their power. This growth has ensured peace, as war is becoming more expensive. K.N.Walts stresses the importance of economics in globalisation, yet it is politics that has the over-riding factor. With America at the top of globalisation, K.N.Waltz expresses that...
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