Globalisation of Higher Education

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The term ‘globalization’ means integration of economies and societies through cross

country flow of information, ideas, technologies, goods, services, capital, finance and

people. Globalization is a process, which has affected many areas of human life, one of

those being education. The effect of globalization on education bring rapid

developments in technology and communications are foreseeing changes within

learning system across the world as ideas, values and knowledge, changing the roles of

students and teachers, and producing a shift in society from industrialization towards an

information- based society. Globalization has a multi- dimensional impact on the system

of education. It promotes new tools and techniques in this area like E- Learning, flexible

learning, distance education programs and overseas training. The globalization of

education is shaping young children of a country into ‘global citizens with a broad range

of skills and knowledge to apply to a competitive information based society.

Globalization also facilitates international collaboration and cross- cultural exchange.

Globalization of higher education is a major concern for all societies. As the essential

driving force of economic, social and human development, education is at the heart of

the change that is dramatically affecting our world in the areas of science, technology,

economic and culture. This paper will analyze the positive and negative impact of

globalization on Higher education for developing countries. Effective education system

is the foundation of opportunities to lead a decent life. One should ensure that all

Children should have adequate access to education at all income level. The paper argues

that education is a core element of society. The basic cause of global inequality is due to

the difference in opportunities in education between different countries. People can

only contribute and benefit from globalization if they are endowed with knowledge,

skills, and values and with the capabilities and rights needed to pursue their basic

likelihoods. The accuracy of the analysis is dependent upon the accuracy of the data

reported by various people of the country. The result of this study will help all the

sectors of the society to understand better, the culture, values and education system of

other countries and facilitates its adoption. Educators can also use this result to bring

the changes in their areas if necessary.


The term “Globalization” represents the international system that is shaping most societies today.

Globalization is a process by which many areas of human life such as economies, societies,

politics, business and cultures have been affected around the world. One of these areas being

education. The term ‘globalization’ means integration of economies and societies through cross

country flows of information, ideas, technologies, goods, services, capital, finance and people. It

is characterized by an accelerated flow of trade, capital and information as well as mobility of

individuals, across geographical borders. It reflect comprehensive level of interaction than that

has occurred in the past, suggesting something beyond the work “international”. Globalization

means more competition, not just with other companies or institutions in the same city or the...
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