Globalisation in Burma

Topics: AIDS, Immune system, HIV Pages: 2 (332 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Burma, also known as Myanmar, is a culturally rich country saturated

with beautiful tropical forest, greenery and landscapes, spanning along

half it's state. It is the largest country in south-east asia and

boasts a population of 55,390,000 (as of 2006). Unfortunately however,

this populace has been crippled and upset by a series of complications.

Burma, once a healthy and prosperous nation, is amongst other things

now burdened with poverty, repression and most notably the very

infectious epedemic that is HIV and inevitably AIDS...

What is HIV/AIDS?

HIV (standing for Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is the virus which

causes AIDS (the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) and is most often

caught from one person to another by contact of infected blood or

semen. HIV and AIDS heavily effects and paralyses the immune system,

preventing the body from dealing with any foreign viral parasites which

attack the body that a healthy immune system could normally fight

against. Thus without natural defense, an infected body will debilitate

and eventually fall victim to symptoms of infection like fevers and

weakness. This globalised and destructive desease is undeniably

prevalent throughout the world, mainly in Africa and Asia. In Asia

Burma has the third highest HIV prevalence rate where it is estimated

that up to 35,000 people die annually. Regrettably, there is no current

remedy or cure HIV and AIDS. However, there are preventions than can be

effectively implemented. One of these is the simple use of condoms- a

small, light rubbery object that can positively help such a deadly and

disasterous threat against the well-being of the human race. They are a

cheap and easy (if not, the easiest) way to protect the lives of many.

Afterall, as the proverb goes- "Prevention is better than cure"...

Puzzlingly enough, though with having full knowledge of their serious

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