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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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Running business to achieve international success is a quite hard thing. Because there are many competitors in the huge market which make we have not been able to lower one's guard. So it will obvious that we should pay more attention on business and try to analyse benefit on business system. Turning to this essay, it will firstly discuss how globalisation impact business. Subsequently it will make an example in this article. Finally, it will talk about positive and negative of each method in this case. How globalisation impact business

With the increasing economy globalisation, there are more connection between globalisation and business. Economic globalisation is the international integration of goods, technology, information, labour, capital or the process of making this happen. As for business, it has a same situation of globalisation, if we want make business success and bigger, it should have high-tech and an astute observation to find information for its business. Meanwhile, labour and capital also play a significant role in business. What’s more, rapid expansion of international trade is the part of key features of globalisation. When we look at the strategy, for exporting, selling good to customers in another country is a good way to let your business do bigger. For direct investment is that establishing operations in another country, just like establishing a distribution network, production facility. What we cannot ignore is that this is a very expensive method. Finally, internet commerce also is a convenient way to make your business stronger. Because of buying and selling products via the internet is the cheaper way of operating, but one thing we should know is that online fraud is a drawback. According to the above views, we can easily know globalisation truly impact business in everywhere and anytime. Here is an example of business to achieve international success: FedEx FedEx is an American global courier delivery Services Company....
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