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  • Published : January 18, 2013
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Effects of globalisation on the natural environment.
Globalisation refers ot the increasung economic integration between countries, leading to the emergence of a global market place or single world market. Globalisation has linkded people in various countries though the use of technology and the customization of goods and services marketed and distributed ona global basis. To talk about the impact of globalisation on the environment, globalisation has had a positive impact on the environment to some extent but there are still some criticaal negative impacts of globalisation. The negative impacts are mainly export destruction on the environment whilst the positive impacts are increase awareness and multinational corporations’ research into eco-friendly technology. The main positive impact that globalisation has on the environment are that there is improvements in the use of resources and awareness and that due to globalisation research is being conducted that creates greener technology. Globalisation has helped in improving the use of resources and saving the environment by promoting growth through development, improving education and incomes. Due to globalisation multinational corporations have been conducting research and creating technology to reduce the impact of humans on the environment often referred to as green technology. Some examples of greener technology are hybrid cars and the new ‘green’ Apple Mac. Globalisation may help to make people more aware of global issues such as deforestation and global warming - and alert them to the need for sustainable development.As global awareness of certain issues has risen, so too has the number of organizations that aim to deal with them. So called non-governmental organizations bring together people unaffiliated with the government and can be nationally or globally focused. The main negative impact of globalisation on the environment is the impact of export-orientated destruction. The overuse of natural...
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