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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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How Globalisation can help form a better future?

In today’s modern world, globalisation has a huge impact in our everyday life. It affects every area of our life. Multinational companies setting up branches in our country. There is a higher chance today that we meet someone from a foreign country. Even most of the foods we eat today are not produced locally. These are just some of the effects due globalization. Globalisation increasingly integrates nations together. Countries are no longer separated due to their geographic locations. People are able to travel abroad to make a living or simply to be on a holiday. Having said that, globalisation help to make a better and brighter future for all of us.

Some may argue that this is not true as globalization operates in the interest of the rich nations and multinational corporations. The poor are being exploited in the process. In developing countries, some companies exploit the poor by making them work in poor and dangerous working conditions. Such conditions include cramp and poorly ventilated working area. Workers will have to work long hours and are paid very low wages. They call such working environments Sweatshops as it is very hot and stuffy to work there. Sweatshops are a common scene in China. There are cases where people died from over exhaustion working these environments.

However, the overall benefits that the society gets due to globalization outweigh the consequences. Firstly, our basic necessities are better meet now due to globalisation. Countries no longer need to grow their own food or produce their own products to meet the needs of their people. Globalisation allows trade to take place easily and much more effectively compared to the older days. Countries now just need to produce what they have comparative advantages in. For products that they do not have the resources to produce, they can just import from other countries. We are now able to enjoy foods and clothing produced from other...
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